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I stand for: Good Schools, Good Jobs, and Fair Taxes.

I have wanted to serve this area as a legislator since my first year of teaching at Manhattan Junior High School in 1968. It was in that teaching experience that I developed my appreciation for the many different approaches and support systems needed to help all children learn and become productive members of society.   My passion is education and the partnerships that must exist for our economy to function well.  Right now I am running for the Senate because I believe in the democratic process and know that we must have independent and thoughtful debate in order to craft and pass good legislation.   I am very uneasy about the path we are currently taking in Topeka and the huge debt that is projected with the tax cuts enacted in the last session.   The projection of over $2.5B in debt and the impact that will have on funding education, programs for the disabled and our infrastructure and highways is a most dangerous direction.

If you are looking at this web page, I appreciate your interest in the political process and I hope this site will give you easy access to me and to the important issues facing me each week should I be elected.  As the State Senator for our area, I believe I should represent all citizens of Clay, Riley and Geary Counties.  I will take that responsibility seriously to make decisions that are in the best interests of everyone. I believe state government must operate efficiently, while maintaining its commitments and priorities to key programs, especially education.

This web site is dedicated to providing current information and news from the legislature and to listening to all voters through a regular weekly poll during the session on an important issue facing our state. I hope to use your information and ideas to make informed decisions on the votes I will make each week. I also plan to share your important thoughts with other legislators to aid in what I believe is essential cooperation in the legislature so we can get the important things done for our state.

I look forward to hearing from you through the poll, from e-mail or phone calls, or perhaps at the monthly “Coffee Chat” during the session in Manhattan and in Clay Center on the first Saturday of each month.
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